how to buy my books on okadabooks

This is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it:
1. Download the Okadabooks app on your Android device, your Blackberry phone (it can’t be anything lower than Blackberry 10) or your PC. 2. Register and sign in. You can sign in through your Facebook account.
3. Click on ‘Store’ to find the ‘Refill’ option to fund your account so that you can purchase books. You can choose to fund/refill your account using MTN or ETISALAT recharge cards! You may alos use bank transfer.
4. Add the amount you need and click on refill account.
5. Once you have refilled, go to the ‘Store’ and search for LIL PRINCE and you’ll see all my books. Click on the one you want to buy. Click buy,
purchase it and it’s done!
6. Lastly, on the app, visit ‘My Books’ or ‘Read’ (on PC) and you’ll see the purchased book. On your Android app, you will have to click on download (the down arrow) to get it. Once it’s done, go ahead and read the book.


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